Electric Dog Nail Grinder - Pet Nail Trimmer - Soft Pet Paws

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Why is nail grinding important?

Veterinarians say...

Pet Nail Grinder, Pet Nail Trimmer, Safe Nail Grinding


Nail Grinding Dog Size, Pet Nail Grinding For Small Dogs

One Size Trims All

No need to worry if the Soft Pet Paws™ grinder is right for your pet's size. It's suitable for any pet size and nail thickness.

Quiet Pet Nail Grinder, Quiet Dog Nail Grinder

Low Noise & Vibration

Soft Pet Paws™ grinder makes little to no noise and is ideal for pets who are afraid of nail clippers.

Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder, Nail Grinder USB Charging


Use your nail grinder again and again. Save thousands on vet visits and injury treatments.

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