Folding Measuring Cup [Also Bag Sealing Clip]

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Help Your Pets Achieve and Maintain Their Ideal Weight and Body Condition!

✔️ AVOID OVERFEEDING FOR YOUR PETS - With this snazzy measuring cup, your furry friends will be well fed and fully hydrated on the go. Regardless of breed, gender, or age, these bowls have a universal size to make use easy for your puppy pals and feline friends, both large and small.

✔️ A GREAT GIFT FOR DOG OWNERS- For the dog owners and pet lovers in your life, this folding measuring cup makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, or just because. This convenient cup is not only equipped with a collapsible lid but also has a bag sealing clip.

✔️ ENSURE PROPER NUTRITION AND CORRECT AMOUNT OF CALORIES EACH DAY - Don't just keep arbitrarily filling their bowl. Note that "free feeding" isn't just a big contributor to the pet overweight and obesity epidemic, it also prevents you from picking up on early signs of pain and other problems, deprives your pets of an opportunity for mental stimulation and enrichment, and has a host of other drawbacks.



  • 1 cup capacity
  • Food scoop and bag clip in one
  • Accurately measure your pet's food to avoid overfeeding
  • Bag clip seals pet food or treats bag for next feeding
  • Simple care: dishwasher safe

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