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Dog Car Travel Seat Cover

Our pet car seat focuses on the safety of you and your dog, providing a comfortable place for your pet to travel while protecting your car from dirt, dandruff and splashing. It is a perfect choice for anyone traveling with their pet.

Designed a storage bag with zipper in front of hanging bag - makes for a convenient place to store treats or toys and a padded seating area provides a comfortable ride.

Net yarn design on both sides, good ventilation, especially in summer, the dog will not bored. Built-in 3 adjustable straps fit most cars, vans & SUVs, easy installation in almost any vehicle a breeze.


Game Changer

Puppy Car Seat VS The Old Way:

5 Proven Benefits

  1. Road Trip - The Puppy Car seats are a great way to take your furry friends with you on the road.
  2. Protection - Used to protect your car seat from pets scratching and peeing.
  3. Waterproof - Thicken waterproof and wear-resistant pets mat can be useful and durable.
  4. Easy to clean - Easy to clean, folding design can be convenient for storage when not use.
  5. Multipurpose - Adjustable hanging strap design suitable for most of car types, front seat and back seat.


How To Use | 5 Steps

  1. Close both side zippers.
  2. Slid the 2 support bars into the seat for better fixing.
  3. Put the strap around the seat.
  4. Fix the strap tightly.
  5. Adjust to a fit size and put the buckle to fix on the to

Keep your beautiful car clean and dry after a nice walk with your lovely Barky
Size 15.75"x11.81"x9.84"
Get your seat protected in a minute

Simply adjustable with the size regulator to fix the seat

If Barkys seat gets too dirty - it's machine washable

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