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Wow Your Friends With Footage Captured From Your Dog's Perspective!

✔️ CAPTURE THE WORLD FROM YOUR DOG'S POINT OF VIEW - No matter if he's running, swimming, or rolling in the mud, this harness is made out of resistant, washable and water-friendly material to go with your little buddy wherever he goes!

✔️ TAKE YOUR DOG WALKS TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Document the next time you go on hiking with your little buddy or the next he goes to swim or even the next park day with the other dogs. Keep all these memories forever!

✔️ LET HIM BE THE COOLEST DOG IN THE HOUSE - Everyone will love to see the videos you'll make from your Dog's point of view... Take the nicest shots and share it with your friends....You'll see how amazed they will be.



1. Fit the harness to your pet.

2. Adjust the size of the strap that suits best your pet.

3. Mount the camera 

4. Have fun capturing awesome videos on your pet's perspective. 

  • Includes 2 mounting locations: chest mount captures bone chewing, digging and front paw action; back mount captures overhead action shots of running, jumping and swimming
  • Fully adjustable harness fits most small, medium and large dog breeds from 15 to 120 lbs.
  • Washable, water-friendly nylon holds up to swimming, splashing, mud and active dog play
  • Padded at all adjustment points for added comfort for your pet
  • Quick-release bases provide fast and easy attachment and removal
  • Includes camera tether for added security of your GoPro (camera not included)
  • Removable chest mount accommodates smaller dogs

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