360 Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

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360 Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

Watch movies or listen to music while taking a bath? This 360 Waterproof Shower Phone Holder has a double-layer waterproofing structure that will keep your smartphone safe & dry.

This innovative 360 Waterproof Shower Phone Holder is made with high-quality material that gives better waterproofing and a superior finish. It is widely compatible with all smartphone models.

✔️ High viscosity nano glue
✔️ Suitable for smooth, clean, and dry surfaces
✔️ Durable design
✔️ Excellent box design
✔️ It can be put anywhere in your house with a smooth and clean surface.


  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION - Flexible design that can rotate 360 degrees to provide you a better viewing angle. You can easily switch to portrait or landscape view.
  • BETTER ADHESION - With its washable nano glue, it provides a stronger adhesive that can support up to 2.04kg.

  • SUPERIOR WATERPROOFING - A double-layered waterproof structure that ensures no water can penetrate even soaked for a short period.
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY TOUCH SCREEN - A sensitive touch screen that can easily slide your screen to listen to your favorite music or watch movies while in the bathroom.


  • Design/Finish: Matte
  • Product Dimension: 7.48x3.93x1.5 inches


  • 1 x 360 Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

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